Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Silly pictures from Ireland

I have a bunch more pictures, but I can't download very fast, so I'm going to bed.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ashford Castle Pictures

Ashford Castle was originally built in the 13th century, and after many additions and renovations, it's a hotel today. We got here late last night, then got up today, had breakfast, golfed, and strolled the grounds and took photos.

Pictures of Garvagh, Glenullin

Kathleen shed some light on many of our old pictures.
Brandon, Stefan, and Martin at the Water Margin Chinese Restaurant

The whole crowd in Pauline's sitting room.

"The Girls" -- as we were referred to. We three were inseparable.

This is the church Grandma attended as a child. Kathleen said it hasn't changed since then.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cheers to a good mullet!

I'm the Leprechaun!

Music in the pub (John Denver, The Beattles)

One of the pubs along Temple Bar.

This is a great picture by Liz. Night lights looking from a walking-bridge over the canal.

Walking bridge over the canal by our hotel.

Our Hotel!

Liz and I looking good at the Dublin, Ireland restaurant.

Ellen, Dustin, and Liz and the hip Irish restaurant.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Team Tillman 2 and 3 in Dublin, Ireland

Well, our flight out of JFK to Dublin was delayed about 4 hours, but we were in good company. Dustin, Ellen, Liz, and I were able to sleep on the plane and they served us dinner and breakfast for free. We arrived at Dublin Airport around 12:30pm local time, picked up our luggage, which thankfully was waiting for us, and headed to the rental car pick up.

Good thing we upgraded to the full-size car because these Euro cars are like clown cars. We loaded our luggage in the trunk and we were off and running driving on the opposite side of the road. Pulling out of the rental car location I almost took us into incoming traffic, but there was no harm, therefore, there was no foul. It took us about 10 minutes to get to the hotel which was in a good area of town and somewhat roomy. After figuring out the parking situation, taking showers, and changing clothes we headed out to get something to eat.

We ate at a happening Irish joint a couple block away from the hotel. The attached picture is looking from the restaurant at the waterway and local architecture. Ellen had bangers and mash, Dustin had a lamb burger, and Liz and I enjoyed good ole fish and chips.

After dinner we did plenty of walking to find Trinity College. Liz is so enamored with the Irish guys and their accents that I thought she was going to take off with the trashman. We enjoyed the local night life of Temple Bar while a local band sang John Denver. We got back to our hotel around 10:00 to get ready for our choose-your-own adventure Irish extravaganza that lays wait.