Thursday, May 15, 2008

Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

Our hotel in Phnom Penh was really nice, although all the beds we experienced in Asia were quite firm. Also, during one of my jetlagged moments of wakefulness in the middle of the night, I encountered a cockroach in the bathroom, and I quickly remembered how much I hated those things as a kid in San Antonio.

These pictures were also taken at Wat Phnom. There was an elephant ride some of the people in our group took, and the elephant was wearing shoes! (I got a kick out of that, even though I claimed to take that picture for my kids' benefit). One of the most fascinating things about Cambodia was the children. School was only a half day, so they could go either in the morning or afternoon, and so there were always children selling in the shops, especially at the tourist traps like Ankor Wat. Also, a lot of the younger children wore very little, especially since May is the hottest month of the year there, being the last month of the dry season (there are only two seasons, the wet and dry). And there were no diapers. The little boys walked around in just a shirt or nothing it all, and the little girls just wore dresses. They were so stinkin' cute, though I'll forego posting their pictures on the internet =) The children in these pictures were selling snacks and fruit, and the one little girl is balancing a container of flat bread on her head.

Kung Fu Movie

We were shopping in Stanley Market when we ran into a group of German filmmakers shooting a Kung Fu movie. I'm thinking it's going to take some serious digital enhancement to make much of this.

Hong Kong

Here is a picture of us on a quick boat tour of the harbor, some shots of a floating restaurant, and some colorful scenery at Repulse Bay.