Monday, April 13, 2009


Leave it to my dad to discover silly things to do with plastic Easter eggs.

Half Marathon

Here's the evidence. I really did run that thing. It was worth it to see Team Tillman on the finish line. Isn't Brandon great? He made those shirts the night before after I'd gone to bed and surprised me.


The girls spent an entire Saturday last month making leprechaun traps with Cole and Haley. They were very elaborate -- bridges, trap doors, and the old "knock-out-the-stick-and-get-stuck-under-a-Wendy's-cup" trick. The finishing touches were some misleading (shamelessly lying) notes to Mr. Leprechaun, i.e. "There is gold in sied," and "This is a house for you and it is not a chrap," along with a light dirt-dusting for footprint identification.